Google search results are not the same anymore! It is filled with malicious links everywhere. So, is the statement true or false? Check this blog now.

Pricilla Gomes

January 30, 2024

Google search results

Are you having the same notion that Google search results are getting worse each day? Not only you but also most reports online claim it so. Hence, why is this thing taking place? What’s the main motive behind it?

With so many questions in mind, this blog exists to clear all your doubts regarding this topic. 

Furthermore, we all know that Google is the most trusted search engine overall. However, it faced more criticism when a recent study highlighted its degrading search quality.

Therefore, let’s get started to know what news awaits us.

Are Scammers Winning the Game of Google Search Results?

Google search results

A senior SEO director of a digital marketing agency, Lily Ray, comments that it is the worst Google search results in her 14 years of service to this industry. 

The internet is scattered with pop windows, spurious products, and suspicious links that are sure to welcome some impossible-to-remove malware. 

With billions of searches being made over the internet, Google can only catch and remove a handful of such links. Thus, it is completely like scammers are winning the game of Google search results.

How are Spammers Taking Advantage of the Google Algorithm?

As per the last Google algorithm update, it focused more on user-generated content, pushing them up the search engine right away. 

The main idea behind this was that people who asked questions had to get answers from real people through Google search results. 

The search engine was supposed to gather all the best answers from all over the internet and provide top results to users. 

For instance, if someone searched for the best muffler style to style with a blazer, they would find answers from people who are professionals in this field. 

Instead, a massive turning took place. Rather than providing proper answers, malicious sites took advantage of this new algorithm by including hundreds of spam links that are harmful to users. 

Final Words

Finally, with the changing algorithms of Google search results, we must never move astray from producing user-generated content, even with so many frauds all over the internet.

Google will continue to provide us with results that contain such affiliate links since we are living in a competitive environment today. Hope this blog has served your purpose.

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