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Website development, refers to the tasks involved in creating, constructing, and maintaining websites and web applications that run online through a browser. However, it may also include web design, web programming, and database management.

With the best web development services, it is possible to escalate your business and drive good revenue right away. An attractive web design always welcomes better traffic.

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Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack development is a comprehensive solution in which the developer handles both front-end and back-end development. To avoid double hiring, software companies usually take a chance on full-stack developers who can efficiently manage both the client and server sides. The programming languages used in this process are React.JS and Angular.


ECommerce Web Development

Because of the convenience of online shopping, millennials prefer it. It has been discovered that online shopping generates more profits than traditional retail stores. Businesses are eager to sell their products online, resulting in high demand for eCommerce website development services.


CMS Website Development

WordPress, Jumla, and Drupal are examples of CMS (Content Management Systems). With attractive website design, SEO friendliness, and additional plugins tailored to your needs, website development on these platforms is relatively simple. These platforms are simple to use and enable multiple users to manage data by creating, editing, or publishing content.


Static Web Service

The static web service, which is just HTML and rarely has its content modified, is one of the less common types of web services. Such static websites are appropriate for straightforward informational websites.


PHP Development

Although MySQL is frequently used, PHP is a free, open-source programming language that is also well-suited for web development. It has a range of libraries, packages, and frameworks (like Laravel or Zend). However, PHP is also known for its ambiguity and shoddy design, which can easily result in subpar code.

Know How Web Development Process Takes Place

Identifying Goal

Planning is the stage in which the technology stack and software development methodology are chosen, the deliverables are defined, and the timeline and resources required to complete the project are estimated. Other critical decisions include developing the content structure and sitemap, wireframing, planning the layout, and designing the UI and UX.

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Structure Designing

After developing wireframes and creating a sitemap, it’s time to start working on the website design. The creative UI designers come in, working with the client’s approval and the project’s requirements. The wireframes are turned into typography, color graphics, animations, and buttons. One of the key factors considered for the design is the target audience.

Building and Developing

Once all project stakeholders have approved the design, the next step is to develop the website itself, which is a significant undertaking. There is also the task of content creation, along with frontend and backend development.

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Testing the Website

Before deploying the website to a server, there should be a series of rigorous, meticulous, and repeated tests to demonstrate the absence of bugs. The quality assurance team examines functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance, among other things. Aside from the tools that help in website testing, only manual testing doesn’t require anything.

Launching and Delivery

After launching a website, there is still work to do. Website maintenance, general updates, and new features are unavoidable. However, this can be made easier by soliciting feedback from website visitors. The goal of maintenance is to support the project on an ongoing basis.

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Industries Being Fruitful Through Web Development Solutions

  • Tours and Travel Agencies

    The travel industry is the first to benefit from custom web design programming. Families no longer visit travel agents to plan vacations. Customers in the age of instant gratification sit at their computers and begin planning a vacation.

  • Real Estate and Construction

    All construction companies are not created equal, but how can customers tell the difference? You can put your best foot forward when your business invests in a custom website. Unlike a phone book or text listing, your website allows you to highlight what sets your company apart from the competition.

  • Small Businesses of Multiple Kinds

    Many of the techniques we’ve already discussed can apply to small businesses. Because small businesses have fewer employees, it is common for the entire team to wear multiple hats. Hiring the right experts on an ongoing basis simplifies the whole process.

  • Food Chains

    If your restaurant has a strong web presence, potential customers can research your menu well in advance. Similarly, restaurants with appealing web designs are frequently active on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Best Development Company in India - Techwens

Why Choose Website Development Services?

  • Enhancing Visibility on Search Engines

    Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor to consider when developing a website today. Only when the website appears among the top results on search engines can it be considered a smart sales and marketing tool for your company. Without SEO, a website’s visibility will be extremely low because it will not appear on Google’s first page.

  • ADA Compliance

    ADA compliance is a legal requirement, particularly in the United States. With ADA compliance, a website is made accessible to people with disabilities. A professional web development firm will ensure that your company’s website is ADA-compliant.

  • Progressive Web Application

    A professional web development company can help you incorporate next-generation technologies, such as advanced web applications, into your business. PWA solutions are simple to use, quick, and secure. PWA also improves the SEO efficiency of your website.

  • Implementation of Latest Technologies

    Website development technologies are rapidly evolving and changing. Various new tools, features, and plugins are being developed to enhance the look, experience, security, and performance of websites. If you do not keep up with these advancements, your business will risk falling behind its competitors.


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