Hearing about neubrutalism in web design for the first time? Well, check out this article to know what is waiting to entice you in this regard.

Pricilla Gomes

December 1, 2023

neubrutalism in web design

In the design world, each trend comes with unique components. This is where neubrutalism in web design enters the scene.

Furthermore, neubrutalism in web design is an emerging trend that outsmarts modern, minimal designs.

Moreover, it is commonly known that design preferences change every seven years to rebel against boredom in applications and websites.

Therefore, this tech article highlights the various aspects of neubrutalism in web design. Continue to read below. 

What Exactly is Neubrutalism in Web Design?

Before we dig deeply into the meaning of neubrutalism, let’s first know what traditional brutalism is in architecture. 

The term “brutalism” originates from the 1950s and 1960s. During this time, Reyner Banham, an architectural critic, penned an essay defining building styles. This was when the term ‘neubrutalism’ was coined.

Boston City Hall and Michael McKinnell are some of the prominent examples of brutalism in architecture.

Coming to neubrutalism in web design, it merges traditional layout concepts with high contrast, hitting clashing colors and extraordinary typography.

Key Components of Neubrutalistic Web Design

Here is a checklist of components that brings neubrutalism in web design. Know about them in detail from the below pointers:

It embraces ultra-high contrast, which merges pure black with other colors. However, your eyes won’t get strained since it infuses black with accent colors.

Brutalistic architecture focused on giving buildings an incomplete look. Neubrutalism in web design uses an unfinished aesthetic that is contradictory to the polished look.

It uses shapes that resemble already existing presentation software templates. This instills a more approachable pattern that an individual could easily do.

In contrast to flat design, neubrutalism in web design puts more emphasis on bright colors. The color palettes include grayscale colors for borders and shadows. These aspects make accent colors unique.

Flat design often comes with thin, light-colored borders that look softer. In the case of neubrutalism, there are thick, black-stroke design elements giving a more prominent finish.


Thus, Neubrutalism in web design counter-balances the current design styles. It promotes a newer design approach, inculcating the creative uses of animation, 3D effects, and diversified font-color combinations. 

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