Recruit hundreds of candidates in one go with the aid of new age automated interviews. Check out this article to grab more information on this.

Pricilla Gomes

November 24, 2023

automated interviews

Automated interviews with the aid of AI are the new hype in the current job market. Imagine your candidates are being hired seamlessly while you focus on other essential business functions. 

This technology not only streamlines the complete recruitment process but also paves the way for better business growth. 

Furthermore, coming to the statistics report, about 41% of organizations still rely on emails and phone calls for candidate hiring. Hence, don’t make your business be stuck among them. 

Therefore, this article exists to clear all your doubts regarding automated interviews and how AI technology is revolutionizing the Human Resource domain. 

automated interviews

Traditional interviews consume a specific organization’s time and make it labor-intensive in the long run. Due to this, an AI-automated interview screening process is everything that an organization must yearn for. 

Check out why traditional hiring doesn’t prosper in the present era from below:

Newspaper job posts come with limited geographical boundaries and provide a matter of chance. The ideal candidate may just miss out on the posting. Everything depends on chance here. 

Contrary to the digital system, there won’t be any algorithm present matching the job with the perfect candidate. Therefore, the organization is left with only scarce options.

Traditional recruitment can be an expensive process in the long run. In this case, modern hiring methods will save you money. 

Besides, old hiring methods will make you sort through job applications manually, calling each shortlisted candidate. This takes a massive amount of time. 

When you finally place the best offer to the candidate, they may have already moved on. However, this can only happen if you acquire good quality applications in the first place.

Furthermore, if the role is urgent and the budget is limited, your organization may end up hiring a subpar candidate. Hence, access to limited talent will only lead to such scenarios.

automated interviews

Earlier, the hiring process was all about human intuition, but with the emergence of AI comes algorithm fairness, which is unbiased hiring. The automation manual is biased against color, gender, and various other forms. Hence, it is quite natural that the AI hiring process eliminates bias, thus being ethical.

One of the key benefits of automated interviews is broadening the pipeline of job applications rather than shrinking them due to time and manual constraints. Besides, an algorithm-based process strengthens the relationship between recruiters and candidates.

As per common survey reports, it is seen that 78% of resumes contain misleading information, and about 46% of them have statements that are mostly lies. The recruitment automation software accesses the candidate’s skills in the preliminary stage. Furthermore, organizations relying on such a process have upscaled their hiring process by 98%.

AI automated interviews eliminate cheating and conduct the overall process seamlessly. Here’s how it takes place.

  • The use of a webcam identifies the candidate’s identity, and screen proctoring reveals the usage of AI
  • Include questions that cannot be solved with Chat GPT through AI Resistant Tag
  • Presence of copy/paste protection that prevents searching for answers
  • Easy detection of test retaking from the same IP address or the browser
  • Implementing the use of interviews, video chats, and collaborative code editing to verify the candidate’s knowledge.

Automated interviews make the hiring process seamless for candidates, too. This, in turn, helps build your organization’s brand recognition across the globe. 

Here’s how it is beneficial for the candidates:

  • With the automation process, candidates can check their score at the end of the test and set their expectations accordingly
  • All the tests conducted are comprehensive, and candidates see them as skill representative
  • Candidates are able to do real programming, monitor errors, and fix them on the go
  • Everything seems to be as if they are in a real environment

The future of recruitment will bring revolutionary changes with the onslaught of automated interviews. Furthermore, traditional methods are not termed “useless”. Instead, with the new age, it is always better to shift to something that elevates business growth in the long run.

Also, remember that the automated interview process may include certain drawbacks. Yet, there’s no point stopping your organization from experiencing the power of such innovative and time-saving technology.

Therefore, hope this blog has served your purpose. Keep staying updated with us for more such technological updates that will benefit the overall industry in the near future.