Open AI's new store is bringing many new features like custom chatbots that are now available for premium members. Read this blog to know more.

Pricilla Gomes

January 12, 2024

With the recent update in Open AI’s new store, there comes a new feature termed custom chatbots. However, this feature will be accessible to only paid users overall.

The updates in the field of AI seem never to halt. Something or another new update is coming up right away. 

Besides, it’s not only about the AI tool but also the features that it offers, which is why Chat GPT stands among the top as per the audience usage count. 

Furthermore, this article exists to cover every aspect of Open AI’s new store custom chatbot feature. 

Let’s get started!

open AI's new store

This Microsoft-based software began rolling in the market last year. However, the new store will be quite similar to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where apps will be available for users to download. 

The Open AI’s new store will feature a diversified range of GPTs developed by Chat GPT’s partners and communities. 

Along with this, it also introduced the Chat GPT team, which is a smaller version of the Chat GPT enterprise, the company’s first paid business tier launched back in August.

People who are ready to go with Chat GPT’s premium subscription can access Open AI’s new store, which includes enterprise customers and Chat GPT Plus subscribers. 

Users are able to create their own customized chatbots and put them over the store. However, as per the news, in the initial phase, users won’t be able to make a profit through these chatbots. 

Furthermore, the company will let people know on how they can earn money from it within 3 months. Till now it is known that users will be paid based on their chatbot engagement.

Open AI's New Store

As per common sources, the startup will continue to feature new GPTs every week. Aside from this, the highlighted chatbots included one from Canva that helps design logos, flyers, and other media-related things and also another one that recommends recreational hiking trails.

  • Open AI’s new store will be accessible to only premium members
  • Users can market their customized chatbots easily
  • It is still in the review process overall
  • Still need to wait for more updates it brings in the future

As a conclusion to this article, Open AI’s new store has brought about great changes in the way customers can depend on AI.

Besides, for all those concerned about safety, the company has started a review process where various safety measures are being taken into hold.

Eventually, the GPT store was supposed to be launched in November 2024, yet it came out quite early.

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