The need for web development is high. To digitize a website, it is crucial to have a website. Hence, unravel the stages of web development here.


November 28, 2022

There was once an era when the internet did not exist. With the emergence of the internet, everything changed. The technological world always surprises us. Talking about web development company, this, too, began from somewhere – a time when internet connectivity was complex. That is when major businesses relied on the best e-commerce website development company in India to establish their online presence. When software development began, there was no “OOPs (Object-Oriented Programming) concept.” 

However, later it shifted to the OOPs concept. With this, it was understood how the reusability of the core of code is necessary. Over time, various frameworks entered the technological world. Soon, .NET started revealing its power from visual basic. Along with this, numerous frameworks cover MVP and MVM structure.

Currently, we live in the WordPress customization age, which is ideal for web development for small businesses. Earlier, web development was best known for creating web pages and websites for both intranet and the internet. With time, it can create web applications surpassing the complexity of mobile devices and computers.

Web Development is Dead? Unravel the Stages of Website Development Company

At present, the web world is never-ending. It will continue to evolve in the near future. Furthermore, some of the technologies associated with today’s web development are Java, CSS3, HTML 5, React JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and Next. JS, PHP, and many more. Organizations are making the most of web development company.

The following are the stages of website development over the course of time. Check them out:

  • Text-based Website
  • Emergence of Flash
  • Table-based Sites with Page Builders
  • CSS Hits Web
  • Introduction of Java Script
  • Entry of Semantic Web
  • Web 2.0
  • Web Designs with Embedded Background Image
  • Web Applications with Catchy Graphic Images
  • Scrolling Marque entered the scene
  • GIF Appearance on Websites

Web 3.0 – The Third Generation Web Technology!

Web 3.0 is the third phase of web development that provides a greater user experience and focuses on decentralization and openness. Although, web designing is still evolving and will continue to implement blockchain technology. However, it is also true that Web 3.0 is a notion of the semantic web, and the web development company is still using it.

How Does Web 3.0 Work?

Web 3.0 is all about blockchain technology. Thus, this web ensures more data security and a seamless user experience. There won’t be any need for a centralized database system as everything will be decentralized.

Along with this, Web 3.0 works for cryptocurrency. Hence, it promotes the possibility of paying for goods and services under a decentralized system. Where Web 1.0 and 2.0 were built with an IPv4 addressing system, Web 3.0 is associated with IPv6.

The pointers will help you understand the working of Web 3.0 in a better way:

  • Complete Ownership of Data
  • Conduct Tasks Anonymously
  • Users can Make Decisions Through Government Tokens

Web 4.0 – The Emergence of Augmented Reality

Web 4.0 is all about Augmented Reality (AR). However, it is not a new version but an alternative version of what already exists. The “mobile web” connects all devices in the natural and virtual world in real time.  

Final Thoughts

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