This blog highlights the various Instagram updates that is beneficial for creators. To know more, check the write-up below.

Pricilla Gomes

November 10, 2023

Instagram updates

It is indeed time to check in for amazing Instagram updates you are missing out on. This popular application is nowhere to be dormant among other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Almost everyone checks their Insta feed over a morning cup of team. For businesses, targeting their audiences becomes easy since most of their target is online on Instagram.

Furthermore, checking Instagram updates is important since they impact your online presence

Therefore, to help you leverage the platform to its full potential, this blog will take you on a journey to new Instagram updates that you may miss out on. 

Check out these Instagram statistics and know how popular and essential this platform can be for your business.

  • People Using Instagram – 1.3 Billion
  • Instagram Hashtag Usage – 10.7 Hashtags per post
  • Instagram Users Active Under 35 Years of Age – 70.8% of 1.3 Billion
  • Daily Active Users (Time Spend) – 30.6 Minutes Per Day
  • Businesses Using Instagram – 200 Million

Instagram Updates 2023: Here’s What You are Missing

Instagram updates

Users can now download public reels through their Instagram profile easily. This also means that you don’t need to stress about people asking permission to share your reels.

No matter what type of reel it is, you can freely share it with your friends. Besides, the download option is a wonderful way to help creators gain more reach. 

Using the reel trend hub, you can access the latest songs to use them for your short videos. Along with this, there are many trending hashtags to check out for. 

So, you don’t need to guess a song’s popularity. Everything can be seen from the numbers itself. You can simply check how many times the audio has been used.

Instagram has a text-based threads app that brings different communities under one roof. Being a good competitor to Twitter, users can discuss current and trending topics right away.

This application is a perfect alternative to Twitter after users have flown away from using it. Users can connect with each other through their text-based conversations.

Creators and brands can now share texts, images, and many more across their fan followers in one chat. However, channel users can react to the messages but can’t reply directly.

With this, creators can create a one way communication with their followers, sharing updates and announcements. You can choose to join the conversation by clicking on the invitation link from the creator. 

The parent company of Instagram, Meta, introduced a Meta verified subscription bundle. It allows Facebook and Instagram users to verify their accounts using Government IDs. 

This enables subscribers to access various benefits like account support, enhanced visibility, high-end account protection, and many more. 

The Next Phase of Instagram

Thinking about what’s next under Instagram updates? For this, you must keep following our blog space. Besides, this popular application will continue to bring more amazing updates in the future.

Instagram will keep maximizing its user retention through unique updates that benefit the creators. 

Therefore, hope this blog has given useful insights into what you were missing out on.